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Nano Towels are ultimate technology cleaning towels. They’re made with Nanolon fabric, which is 100 hundred times thinner than the human hair and 100 times stronger. You can clean any surface using just Nano Towels and water, which makes them a great replacement for paper towels, a much cheaper option on the long-term and plus, they’re eco-friendly.


  • Cleaning towels for any surface: Their fabric allows cleaning pretty much any surface, from glass to silverware.
  • Nanolon fabric: This is a new high-tech fabric, that’s much stronger and thinner than other fabrics and easier to use.
  • Reusable: You can wash them up to 200 - 300 times.
  • Strength: Nanolon fabric is super resistant, so it won’t be damaged easily
  • Easy cleaning: you just need to use a wet Nano Towel to clean and then a dry side of the same towel and every surface will be clean
  • Two sides for two different purposes: you don’t need many of them for the same purpose. One side is specifically made to use wet and the other side is made to use dry.
  • They absorb everything: So you can use them to absorb water and dust.
  • Quick dry: Nanolon fabric allow them to entirely dry in a just few minutes
  • You don’t need to use chemical products: their fabric allows to clean every surface by just using water
  • Save space in the kitchen: they’re very easy to place, so your kitchen will have a lot more space
  • Eco - friendly: decrease environmental pollution and avoids deforestation.

Benefits of using Nano Towels

  • They are cheaper than paper towels: people use around 1 to 3 packs of paper towels A WEEK, which translates to thousands of dollars a year. Nano Towels cost a few bucks and they can last up to 3 years.
  • Improve your health: you don’t need to use chemical products to clean when using Nano Towels, so you will be less exposed to non-healthy chemicals that can cause (and/or increase) skin problems and respiratory issues.
  • Eco - friendly: no need to cut trees for their products making, so the planet will thank you for this.
  • Versatility: you can use them to clean from floors and bathrooms to silverware
  • Skin-gentle: YES! You can dry your own skin with them. They’re soft and gentle, so you can use them to dry yourself in the swimming pool, for example.
  • The best alternative for microfiber cleaning towels: Nano towels are much stronger, clean deeper and last longer
  • Have more storage space: paper towels take a lot of space of storage in the kitchen. Nano Towels can be placed anywhere and don’t take any storage place, so you can storage now whatever you want instead.
  • High absorption: they can absorb up to 10 ounces of water without dripping
  • Reusable: they are strong enough to be washed from 200 to 300 times. This means they last up to 3 years.
  • Reduce cleaning time: Nano Towels are so effective and easy to use, that your time cleaning will be considerably reduced.

Nano Towels Vs. Microfiber Towels

Nano Towels and microfiber towels are not the same things. Even though microfiber towels work good, Nano Towels have a series of pros that place them better than old microfiber towels.

First of all, Nano Towels are designed with a brand new technology fabric, leaving microfiber behind by far. Nanolon fabric (the fabric we use for our Nano Towels) is a lot stronger than microfiber, therefore, it’s more durable. Also, Nano Towels can absorb a lot more dust and water than microfiber towels, which makes them more effective at the cleaning and dusting task. And last, but not least, Nano Towels are cheaper than microfiber towels, so you will definitely save more money.

Nano Towels Vs. Paper Towels

There’s no point of comparison: Nano Towels are way more comfortable, affordable, healthy, effective and generate way less pollution than paper towels. Paper towels take a lot of storage space, with Nano Towels you don’t have this problem at all, making your kitchen a more comfortable and spacious place.

The money a family can waste in a year using paper towels goes up to 500$ (or even more), while Nano Towels only cost a few bucks and are reusable and strong, so you can spend around 10$ to 20$ a year by replacing paper towels for Nano Towels… that’s a HUGE difference, huh? At the same time, Nano Towels don’t request chemical cleaning products that not only reduce your budget, but also increase skin and respiratory diseases, so it’s a way cheaper and healthier solution to clean.

Plus, Nano Towels absorb up to 10 ounces of water, making cleaning a lot more effective and easy than using paper towers and best of all: Nano Towels help reduce pollution and deforestation, contributing to a better world.

Does the surface gets sanitized by only using water ?

No, it doesn’t. However, using a mix of vinegar and water when necessary will do the job perfectly.

Are Nano Towels easy to wash ?

Absolutely. You can wash them on your washing machine (not using cloth softener) or you can wash them by hand. Whichever way you decide, they’re very easy to wash and you can wash them up to 300 times.

How fast do they dry and how often do you need to wash your Nano Towel ?

They dry super-fast, in fact: in only a few minutes your Nano Towel will be completely dry and ready to be used again. And you can wash it whenever it’s necessary. At least, once a week to avoid funny smells and assure a great cleaning.

Prices and where to buy

They can be easily bought on the official site of Nano Towels for a very affordable price. Purchasing your nano towel is easy: you can use PayPal or any other Visa/Master card directly.

They come in 3 different packs :

Single Pack: 4 Nano Towels for only 19.95$

2 - Pack Special: 8 Nano Towels for only 34.95$

6 - Pack Special: 24 Nano Towels for only 99.95$

They have a 1-year warranty and for every pack you buy, the company will plant a tree on your behalf. What are you waiting for to take care of your planet ?


Final review

Nano Towels represent a huge step into a new way of cleaning. They’re inexpensive, effective, healthy and ecological. Nanolon fabric is a brand new technology that allows you to clean effectively on every surface, so every part of your house you can think of can be easily cleaned and dusted… everything! From your bathroom to your kitchen, from your mirrors to your silverware, from your glasses to your skin… and even your fruits and vegetables can be washed with Nano Towels! The versatility of this product makes it a great ally to your daily - basis activities and not needing chemical products makes it a great ally to your health.

Nano Towels come in three different packs. I would recommend the 2 - Pack Special, so you can use them in different spaces of your house and why not? 6 - Pack Special for every single part of your house, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to mix things for different purposes (like me!).

To help sanitize when necessary, you can mix water and vinegar and sanitize the area. No more allergies due to cleaning products! And let’s talk about the absorption Nano Towels have… it’s impressive and works beautifully for great spills of water and juice, so if you have kids, this will be your greatest ally for cleaning, plus, it’s so effective, you will spend less time cleaning and more time sharing moments with your loved ones.

Global warming problems are not a secret for anyone, so it’s important to start taking care of the planet we live in, not only for our better life, but also for the next generations. All of us can make a difference by taking simple steps, why not start now reducing our consumption of paper towels?

This product will ease and improve your life quality, will increase your budget and storage space, reduce illness and symptoms from using chemical products and is eco-friendly… do you need any other reasons to buy it? Did I mention they’re very affordable?


Nano Towels represent the future of cleaning. They’re resistant, effective, versatile, affordable and eco-friendly. They’re the best alternative for paper towels, microfiber towels and reduce the use of chemical cleaning products. Acquiring them is super easy, you just can buy them on the official Nano Towel website, and they come with a 1-year warranty. Don’t be afraid to try this product, it’s a complete investment for your home.


Nano Towels Review
  • Cleans virtually anything with just water
  • Captures liquid, dust, dirt and grime like a magnet
  • Saves you money by ending your need of expensive paper towels
  • Can pay with Credit/Debit card or Paypal
  • Full Money Back Guarantee
  • Worldwide Shipping


Nano Towels are ultimate technology cleaning towels. They’re made with Nanolon fabric, which is 100 hundred times thinner than the human hair and 100 times stronger. You can clean any surface using just Nano Towels.

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Introproz reviews products & services independently. We may get compensated for purchases made from links on our website. A purchase made via our affiliate/partner link or direct link does not make any difference as the price will be exactly the same on products and services. Read Full Disclosure

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