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Introduction to Namesilo Domain Registrar

Namesilo has been the viable choice amongst users because it has been providing ample services of domain registration and domain management.

If you want to build a good website, you will not go wrong with the catchy domain name. But more importantly, you will want to experience reliable domain registrar service plus its management. You’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss Namesilo, a prominent and renowned company in domain registrar industry. NameSilo has been stellar amongst individuals and corporate users.

If you are currently using other services, and not satisfied with the current one, then you will be glad to try Namesilo. It does not only offer Cheap domain registration, but also excellent domain management. You will never regret the decision. We confidently say that it has one of the most exceptional services on earth. Let’s take a look at the features of Namesilo.

Features of Namesilo domain registrar and domain transfer service provider


As the customers of the NameSilo, your domain will grant WHOIS Privacy protection for free. You will grant this service for each domain you register. Even better, it is a free lifetime. It is obviously a perk which its competitors hardly offer. Compared to other companies, you can save around $9.99 per year just from WHOIS privacy for each domain. Imagine how much you will save if you register a dozen of domains. You could also use Domain Locking to prevent your domain being snatched by other users.

ICANN Accreditation

ICANN Accreditation is a crucial thing that you need to pay attention when registering a new domain. It shows the accreditation of the domain registrar and the owner. A domain registrar which is accredited by ICANN is legit and credible. You can count on ICANN Accreditation to avoid any matters. Namesilo, without a doubt, is accredited formally by the ICANN.

Domain Defender

What makes us more interested is the free protection service made by NameSilo which is called as Domain Defender. Domain Defender is the top security of your accounts. It protects your domains with strong 2 questions that users need to answer to get the access to domain management. That means only you or someone who knows the answers can get the access. Not to mention that a user needs to answer up to 5 security questions before changing domain names. It can prevent unauthorized users trying sneak in your domain management.

Discount Program Page

One of the most intriguing features of Namesilo is its discount program page. Depending on how many domains you want to have, you will save a lot of money when purchasing from Namesilo discount program page.

Free Domain Parking

If you need a parking lot for your domain, Namesilo offers the service for free. There is a catch though, your domain’s visitors will see the ads. But it is a very good deal. You will park your domain, and Namesilo will get the revenue from the ads they show. As a user, you will have the privilege to control the content of your domain and the layout.

DNS Templates

Namesilo is very user-friendly. You don’t have to be an internet savvy to configure your domain. Namesilo provides tons of ready-to-use DNS templates for most platforms. Thanks to this feature, the process of integration is less complex than other domain’s providers.

Namesilo API

For advanced users, API can be helpful in increasing their website productivity. The good thing here is that you can use API, no matter what service you are subscribing. With the good quality of Namesilo API, you will have all the automation solutions for your website user interface.

Pros of Nameslio Domain registrar and domain transfer service provider


Cheap Annual Fees

If you want to build your personal website, you must realize that pricing is an important factor. Some popular domain registrars come with pricey services, which deter you from growing your business in a more budget-conscious way. Namesilo enters as the solution. It charges only $8.99 on annual basis. It has the lowest cost domain renewal. We hardly find other providers who offer the same benefit. Not to mention that the Privacy and Protection (as we mentioned above) come without demanding a single dime.

Available Payments

Another perk which we’d like to highlight is the available payments in Namesilo. It offers a just wide array of payments that eases you to enjoy the service. You could make a payment with any credit card, AllPay, Paypal, and other e-payments. Even better, you can use your Skrill or Bitcoin for the transactions.

Zero Upsells

If you are like other buyers, you might be annoyed by the distracting upsells in the checkout process. Well, we’ve seen this a lot in other companies. But NameSilo comes with zero upsells. It has no additional offers in the checkout. You will be free from this kind of hassle.

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees at all. You will get what you’ve paid for. There are a lot of popular registrars offer such great prices. If you think that those are too good to be true, you are totally right. They will charge you for extras, other services, administration, and so on. The last thing you want is that you waste your money for this trap. Namesilo comes clean. There are no hidden fees that you’ll worry.

Cons of Namesilo domain registrar and domain transfer service provider

It is hard to find the slit in the Namesilo. But if we found one, it is not so significant for user's’ experience. Namesilo is purposely tailored to domain registration service. It does not offer web hosting services ( like namecheap ), just the domain registrations and domain transfers. So if you are looking for the combination of domain registration and web hosting, it is not for you.

For Whom is Namesilo domain registrar and domain transfer service provider suitable ?

Namesilo is suitable for both individuals and corporate users who want to register the domain and/or renew domain without spending their money extravagantly.

Conclusion / Summary

NameSilo promotes such great value for your investment because you will attain your domain name and the excellent service at affordable price. You will realize that you’ve spent the best bucks in your life after trying NameSilo. Don’t bother to get a coupon to get the free protection for your domains. NameSilo has got it covered for you. It is the lowest cost primary domain registrar in the world. Currently, it is ICANN accredited. So, worry-free. If you are looking for reliable web hosting, you can try stablehost web hosting which is a primary web hosting provider or namecheap web hosting  services as well.

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Introproz reviews products & services independently. We may get compensated for purchases made from links on our website. A purchase made via our affiliate/partner link or direct link does not make any difference as the price will be exactly the same on products and services. Read Full Disclosure

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