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Introduction to Namecheap Domain Registrar

Namecheap has been prevalent for average folks who are fond of outstanding service with friendly prices. It was established 15 years ago by Richard Kirkendall. The NameCheap name itself was created solely based on this purpose.

As the name suggests, it offers affordable domain registrations, domain forwarding, parking, and many other services. It is a solid choice for many because it offers ample amount of features with such friendly price. Besides getting the domain that you want, you could also attain benefits like Free DNS service, responsive customer support, friendly management control, and much more.

Business minded, NameCheap also provides a place for its members to buy and sell domains. The market is auction style so you can make some extra cash from your old domains. Or, you could conduct Cheap domain registrations and sell them for profit.

Features of Namecheap domain registrar and domain transfer service provider

Getting your domain name from NameCheap gives you privilege to attain a robust and good DNS hosting. It is powered by Verisign with free URL. Then there is also email forwarding.

Domain Owner’s Security

For those who want to protect their personal identity, NameCheap also offers coverage of WhoisGuard privacy protection for free. It is a fantastic feature since you may need to pay for this feature on other sites. Not to mention that the Comodo PositiveSSL certificate can be attained for just $1.99. This price is a full package of Comodo PositiveSSL certificate with grant notifications, registrar lock, and security notifications by email.

DNS Manager

The DNS Manager or NameCheap’s UI is one of the most selling points of NameCheap services. It is perfect for those who are not really up to the complicated DNS management from another provider. NameCheap UI is friendly for beginners since it is intuitive and easy to navigate. You know that DNS Manager can be pretty daunting when conducted by average users. NameCheap seems to know about this problem. The NameCheap User interface is simple and straightforward. You will get used to using it in no time.

Domain Transfers

If you are done with another domain provider, you could transfer your domain to NameCheap without any hassle or fuss. If your registered domain will be expired soon, consider transferring it to NameCheap for a cheap price. It offers budget-friendly price for the initial transfer. For instance, you will only need to pay $9.69 for .com domain. The rates will be back to the normal prices the second year you are registering your domain. Transferring the domain can be done easily and quickly. NameCheap will give you clear instructions to do it.

Various Domains

If you are looking for the more niche-focused domain name, you won’t always go with the normal domain extensions like .com, or .net domain. NameCheap provides different domain types based on specific categories like Entertainment, Business, Food and Drink, Arts, Music, and much more. Some unique extensions are .camera, .blue, .pub, .tools, etc. With such focused domain category, you will be able to enhance your brand awareness. This feature is really helpful for startup and entrepreneurs who want to spread the word about their business. Not to mention that you could look for unique domain extension for your personal domains.

Pros of Namecheap Domain registrar and domain transfer service provider

Low Fees

It is undeniable that fess is the most concerned factor when it comes to domain registration on annual basis. Gone are the days when the users needed to pay more than what they had to. Although the fees are not cheapest that you’ll find in the market, it is a good price for what you will get. A domain name that you attain will also come with email forwarding service and WhoIsGuard privacy feature for free.

Suggestion Engine

It has cool suggestion feature. If you have no idea about what kind of domain name that you’ll want to use, NameCheap suggestion feature offers good perk in finding the right name of your domain.

Intuitive Interface

The good thing about NameCheap provider is that it promotes such simple and easy user interface. Thanks to this, you won’t need to waste your time to read manuals to know how to transfer your domain, to conduct add-on domains, creating emails, forwarding domain, and so on. That means it will improve your experience. We don’t know about you, but less stress means that you are more productive.

Mass Migrating

In case you have tons of sites need to be transferred, NameCheap domain manager will make things much easier. The manager allows mass migrating. That means you could transfer all of your domains with a single click of a button. And VOILA, your domains will be hosted in the NameCheap in no time. Migrating number of domains to another host can never be easier than this.

Easy and straightforward checkout

NameCheap won’t make your checkout detoured by upsells, offers, or anything annoying. The transaction will go easier and smoother.

Fantastic Customer Support

You can reach NameCheap customer support anytime, anywhere. They have 24/7 email support and working hours chat support which is very responsive. We have tested its email support. Their customer support replied our message in just 1 hour in busy time.

Cons of Namecheap domain registrar and domain transfer service provider

We hardly notice downside of NameCheap. However, we’d like to stress that their phone support is not the best. You might have some issues if you live in another country. Not to mention the payphone bills you need to pay after contacting their customer support.

For Whom is Namecheap domain registrar and domain transfer service provider suitable ?

It is great for those who want to experience better and low cost domain registrar Domain registrar services with ample services. NameCheap can also make a great choice for those who want to buy and sell domains for profit. As mentioned, you could sell your old domains for profit. Or, you could register some cool domain names and sell them to the market. Due to the friendly user interface, NameCheap is also suitable for novice users.

Conclusion / Summary

When you build a website, the very first thing you want to handle is to find the name of your domain, as well as the registrar for it. Popular domain registrars offer you the rate of $14.99 per year. NameCheap, on the other side, offers low cost domain renewal fee at $10.69 a year. That is undeniably a good price. Considering the quality of services, that makes NameCheap a great choice for those who want to register or transfer their domain names for a cheaper price. Also they offer $0.88 .com domain registration for those who are registering the domain for the first time with them as a promotional offer time to time. For web hosting too you can use namecheap or stablehost web hosting which is a primary web hosting provider.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

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Introproz reviews products & services independently. We may get compensated for purchases made from links on our website. A purchase made via our affiliate/partner link or direct link does not make any difference as the price will be exactly the same on products and services. Read Full Disclosure

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