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How to Reduce Blood Sugar Level Without Medication at Home

Having high amounts of sugar in your blood is synonymous with Type 2 diabetes. Luckily, high blood sugar can be prevented and at the same time reversed. Introproz presents you with a couple of ways in which you can lower blood sugar naturally at home.

Whereas the genetics of most people exposes them to the risk of high blood pressure, this is largely a lifestyle disorder in our modern society. That’s to say that it is possible to naturally reduce your blood sugar level devoid of medications. And it is good to rely less on medications because most of these drugs are just but a temporary fix. They are unable to deal with the actual underlying problem triggering the high blood sugar level. Through important lifestyle and diet changes, you will be able to reverse diabetes and deal with symptoms that medications cannot tackle.

Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

#1: Reduce your intake of sugars

It goes without saying that the more sugars you take, the more you are bound to increase the amount of sugar in your blood stream. It is no wonder we recommend that you eat less sugar compared to what you are used to. As you consume less sugar, the metabolic response also becomes smaller such that your pancreas is safeguarded and insulin kept at healthy levels.

There are a number of ways in which you can lower your intake of sugars including:

  • Removing both white and brown sugar from the table, especially while taking coffee or regular tea. In so doing, you will be less tempted to add sugar which translates to more of it in your blood.
  • Purchasing low-calorie beverages
  • Trying sweeteners with zero calories such as sucralose, aspartame, and saccharin. Take these in moderation
  • When baking cakes, brownies or cookies, drastically reduce the amount of sugar added
  • Rather than adding sugar to oatmeal or cereal, try using cherries, bananas or strawberries.
  • Always go for sugar-free beverages
  • Use spices to enhance foods instead of sugars

#2: Reduce carbohydrates

As you take in more carbohydrates, you basically increase the amount of sugars in your blood stream. This is so since the carbs are split into numerous sugar molecules during digestion. That, in turn, causes an increase in both sugar levels and a gain of weight. Thus, one of the ways to lower blood sugar is to cut back on your consumption of carbohydrates.

Understand that there are two types of carbohydrates, namely: simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. The simple carbs comprise sugars like glucose and fructose whose chemical structure has only one sugar or two sugars. Due to this simplicity is structure, the body quickly utilizes these carbs causing an increase in blood sugar levels. In order to ensure that you do not take in too much simple carbs, avoid taking too much of these foods:

  • Brown sugar;
  • Raw sugar;
  • Corn syrup;
  • Pie;
  • Soda;
  • Cereal;
  • Juice; and
  • Fruit juice concentrate.

Complex carbohydrates, just as the name suggest, is tougher to synthesize as a source of energy. This is because they are made up of three or more sugars and therefore the body takes a long time breaking it down as a source of energy. Most of the complex carbohydrates are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber – these are not viable as an immediate source of energy. The more complex the carb, the better it is with regards to your blood sugar. If you have to take carbs, aim at eating the following foods:

  • Broccoli;
  • Grains;
  • Kidney beans;
  • Apples; and
  • Quinoa.

#3: Exercise regularly

You can reduce the blood sugar level and control diabetes with regular exercises. Whether you are 45 or 95, it is never too late to reap the benefits associated with exercising. As you get more active, you are able to lower the amount of sugar in your blood and thus properly control sugar.

Interestingly, you do not have to spend too much of your weekly hours on exercises. Simply setting aside 150 minutes of mild exercises or 75 minutes of vigorous exercises per week is sufficient. If you like, you can combine the moderate exercises with vigorous ones.

Some moderate exercises include:

  • Gardening
  • Playing tennis
  • Bicycling (less than 10 miles per hour)
  • Walking at 3 miles per hour

Vigorous exercises include:

  • Aerobic dancing
  • Hiking uphill
  • Swimming laps
  • Bicycling (more than 10 miles per hour)
  • Running, jogging or race walking

As you get more involved in your exercises, the heart is made to beat at a faster rate and you are forced to breathe louder. Muscles on the hand use more glucose, essentially draining sugar off your bloodstream. Continuously doing so week after week makes you lower the levels of sugar in the blood. In the long run, the efficiency of insulin is improved and more sugars are further cut down. Be keen not to overdo the exercises as straining the body too much may cause a temporal increase in sugars once you stop exercising.


#4: Check the amounts of food eaten

When you eat huge quantities of food, you add a sugar load to your already struggling body. That is why diabetics are always advised not to overeat less you risk developing more complications. You are better off eating smaller portions if you seriously want to lower blood sugar naturally at home. That’s not to say that you should starve yourself. All you have to do is eat to live rather than live to eat. In short, eat the amount of food required to drive the body for a particular task. A study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information shows that most people with high blood sugar levels have a tendency of overeating.

Always aim at eating in moderation. You can achieve satiety by eating at a slow pace and properly chewing food in order to let the brain signal you that you are full. Mindlessly wolfing down can lead you to eat too much hence stressing the body.

#5: Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting refers to the alternation between eating and fasting. With this method, you eat for certain periods and then stay for some amount of times with no foods before getting back to a normal eating cycle. For example, you may decide to skip breakfast, eat the first meal at noon and then last meal at 8 pm. This way, you basically limit your eating time to an 8-hour window and fast for 16 hours a day.

Through intermittent fasting, you are able to enhance insulin sensitivity and naturally decrease the amount of sugar in the blood. When you eat is as important as how you eat and this is the driving force behind intermittent fasting. The method believes that when you eat at specific times, the body has enough time to completely utilize any added sugars and even borrow extra ones from reservoirs before you can add more the next eating cycle.

This is a fairly easy to do program. Feedback from most of those who have tried it have been positive and they self-report to have more energy during a fast. This is a program to which people seeking to lose weight have enrolled on. If you are seeking to shed off some extra pounds, we suggest visiting Introproz. Here, you will get one of the best guides to losing weight in addition to products that you can use.

#6: Increase fiber intake

Fiber is a crucial component that assists in the control of blood sugar levels. The more fibers you take, the slower the digestion of carbohydrates happens hence reducing sugar absorption.

But before you rush out to the store for more fiber-rich foods, it is important to note that you should consider the kind of fiber taken. There are two types of fibers namely: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. The soluble one usually dissolves in water, forming a gel-like material. It is helpful in the reduction of glucose levels. You can get it from barley, carrots, apples, beans, peas, psyllium, citrus fruits, and oats.

Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, is more beneficial to constipation than to blood sugar. Vegetables, nuts and wheat bran contain it.

Most plant-based foods are a great source for both soluble and insoluble fiber. These include plants such as beans and oatmeal. However, each plant has its own quantities of this important ingredient. Always aim at eating various types of high-fiber foods for maximum benefit.

#7: Supply the body with sufficient vitamins

When you get enough vitamins, your body’s immunity is boosted and its ability to make use of insulin improved. We all know that insulin is necessary for controlling glucose levels, making sure that more glucose is used for energy. As more of the glucose is taken out, the blood sugar levels decline. Some vitamins known to be better at this role include Vitamins B12, B3, and B3. You can also rely on Vitamins C, D, E, and K.

If you are looking for a remedy for high Cholesterol level, you may read our How to Lower Cholesterol at Home tips article.

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