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Gold and silver websites have been greatly used to sell and Buy gold online and silver coins from around the world. GoldMoney comes as the solution for those who are interested in investing in such precious metals. It is tailored for those who want to secure the storage of the metals, made the right decision for the future.

Introduction to Gold Money is one of the ways to conduct the precious metals business in such unique approach. Unlike the other institution, GoldMoney preserve the metals in the forms bullion. So all of the products from the site, the block of silver, gold and platinum comes with GoldMoney imprint. These bars are unique designed based on the GoldMoney branding. However, they are plain and not complicated. The value of these bars are equal to the market’s suggestion.

GoldMoney is decentralized. The precious metals as their products are circulated among-st the participants. As mentioned, the name imprinted in the bars is solely to be sold back and forth between the members of the Goldmoney. Investing in GoldMoney means that it is all about investment. So in case you are investing in precious metals in this site, you must understand that it is not about the coins, rounds, or bars, rather it is an investment. So, the metals themselves are intangible, but the values do exist.

Features of Gold Money

Users need to know the key features of Goldmoney before deciding to invest their money on the intangible precious metals.

Gold Grams Investment

Rather than purchasing the bars, the users are encouraged to invest in gold grams. That means an average user can make an affordable investment. It fires back the paradigm that gold investment is just for rich people. You could Buy any amount of gold online through Goldmoney.

No Cost GoldMoney User

For all GoldMoney users, you can send or receive the funds to or from GoldMoney user without paying a dime.

Redeem the Gold

Users can redeem the gold via Bank wire, physical gold, or Gold Money Prepaid Card.

Secure Backing

All clients assets are safely stored in the GoldMoney vaults around the world.

BitGold User

Bitgold and GoldMoney is the same company. Now the users of GoldMoney can use the BitGold to ease their transactions. The users can even send the gold to non-BitGold member. 

Since BitGold have also provided the prepaid debit card, the users can also spend gold from their card. Major credit cards are commonly accepted around the world. You could use your card globally and the funds will be taken from your Bitgold account. You could also redeem the gold to the physical metal and ask it to be delivered to your doorstep.

GoldMoney Prepaid Card

It is very easy to sign up to Goldmoney. You just need to go to the official site and register. To deposit or withdraw the money from your GoldMoney account, you could just connect the account to your local bank account or credit card.

To ease the transaction process around the world, Goldmoney will send the prepaid debit card once the user’s registration approved. The GoldMoney prepaid card can be used like usual debit card. The users can withdraw the money from ATM and use it to make a purchase from grocery store or any store which accepts debit card. This is perhaps the most selling point of the Goldmoney.

Folks agree that it is the prominent feature of the Goldmoney. The Goldmoney prepaid card give the users instant access to their Goldmoney account. In this case, the Goldmoney account is like a bank. The users can use the fund right away. So we suggest you to apply the GoldMoney Prepaid Card soon after registering Goldmoney account. And you can Invest in physical gold bullions online using credit / debit card instantly.

Pros of Gold Money

Easy to Purchase and Sell Gold

You could just login to your Goldmoney account, and do the transaction. You could even do this while on the go. Use the BitGold app and sell or purchase the gold right from your mobile phone.

Set Up the Payments

Each user has the privilege to set up the automatic payments. That means you could turn your GoldMoney account into a gold savings account.

Unlimited Storage

There is no limitation of the gold storage. Not to mention that it is free to store your gold. There is no fee attached. The allocated storage is filled with redeemable gold which you can use to make some profits or purchase any goods or services.

Your Assets are Insured

Your assets, in this case the gold value is protected by The Brink's Company, through London Market. Your assets are 100% safe. The Vaults are authorized by Brinks, the most decent security firm on earth.

Cons of Gold Money

Processing fee might be a bit tiresome. 2% each transaction via credit/debit card

PayPal is not listed as payment options


For Whom is Gold Money best suited ?

Obviously, it is great for common investors who are interested in precious metals investment. It is also great for individuals who want to strive for the future financial success. Folks who Invest in gold Bullions online will definitely have more prospective future.

Goldmoney also offers Gold and Silver Pension plans. Those who aim to prepare the funds for retirement can rely on the Goldmoney program. People who want to save for the future can consider to opt investing in Goldmoney. Precious metals are definitely accumulating and will be great in the future. With such great purchasing power, it is the safest plan for pensioners.

There is also Goldmoney Kids which is intended to kids. In this program, kids will learn to save for the future. It is great to educate kids earlier about saving money for the future. Parents involvement is obligated since it is admissible under the parent's supervision. 

Conclusion / Summary

Goldmoney mobile app has been launched in the Play store. It makes the users more convenience to access their GoldMoney account. But the good thing does not end up here. There will be many exciting things in the future.

Goldmoney has been featured on hundreds legit news sites. This site is completely reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, they are not bogus, but rather, a safe investment program for all who take the precious metals investment seriously. If you are up to gold investment, Gold Money can make a great choice for you.

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Introproz reviews products & services independently. We may get compensated for purchases made from links on our website. A purchase made via our affiliate/partner link or direct link does not make any difference as the price will be exactly the same on products and services. Read Full Disclosure

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