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If you are looking for the reliable and versatile email marketing system, then you should not look other than GetResponse. It has been the top-notch solution for those who want to deliver such successful emails campaigns. This email marketing service has helped thousands online entrepreneurs to conduct email marketing campaigns and tracking. We are going to share its perks to convince you that it is the right service for you.

Introduction to GetResponse - Online Email Marketing Software

GetResponse is a comprehensive subscribers list builder and email marketing solution with ample amount of features and perks. The unique features of this email marketing solution are one of the strongest reasons why many users have turned their option to these services.

What makes it different is that you can track the emails statistics that you send to your subscribers. You will know whether the emails are opened, or bounced, or forwarded. Then this will also track the reactions of your customers. GetResponse also suggests the users post in the most appropriate time for the effective results.

The autoresponders are the top-notch solution to get engaged with the new subscribers soon after they hit the subscribe button. Those who fill the opt-ins in your site will receive a welcoming message which you can customize. In different scenarios, you can also blast the email to your clients who are celebrating their birthday. These are some examples. And, all is done automatically!

Features of GetResponse - Online Email Marketing Software

Here are the features of GetResponse that will probably make you stunned.

Subscriber List

GetResponse is a terrific tool which can help you to create subscriber list without any difficulty or hassle. Building the subscriber list to GetResponse is getting easier since you can connect the lists from other services such as Google, Zendesk Support, and many others. Presuming that you will get a lot of emails from these third party services, surely you want to select only the credible ones. GetResponse can help you with that. You can select the email addresses to your list through a service called BriteVerify. This works wonderfully by leaving out the invalid email address. If you purchase this service as GetResponse member, you will get 10% discount.

Adding subscribers from Google contact is also very easy. The good thing about it is that most of the subscribers have filled their first name, last name in accurate manners. If they provide mobile phone, the GetResponse will also fetch the information to your subscriber list.

Once you have the subscribers list, you can sort the list by a certain variable such as location, alphabetical, open rate, and much more.

Build Forms

GetResponse has a strong feature which allows the users to create forms. These forms can be embedded in your blog or website to address the sign ups, testimonials, registrations, order, transactions, and other purposes. The great thing about this service is that you can embed it to your site as landing pages and surveys. In most cases, entrepreneurs need this feature to take some leads from prospective customers. It is also an effective strategy to get more new customers or visitors of your website or blog.

GetResponse Campaign

You can create the email campaigns from 2 tools: Email Creator Tool and HTML tool. Email Creator Tool is the most prevalent for all users levels of experiences. With this tool, you could start your Newsletter Marketing campaign from scratch. You’ll know that it is time to get creative. Or, you can take a stepping stone by using their templates. You can choose the most suitable templates for the content of your campaign.

The settings are not complex, but you may need some time to get used with the interface. As long as you read the tutorial thoroughly, there should not be any problem in designing your email marketing campaign. You will know How to do an email marketing campaign online in no time.

After finishing your campaign draft, you can proofread it then send the email to all your subscribers. You could either schedule the email post or send them right away.

Track the Campaign

Tracking is one of the success keys of the marketing campaign. The developers of the GetResponse knows this matter really well. The GetResponse tool comes with incredible tracking tool which includes Google Analytics integration. The tracking progress is great and reliable. You will need to press F5 every time you want to see the updates, and in no time the result shows up. You will be able to see the subscriber's details, the record of the campaigns, also the information whether your email is opened or not. With this important data, you will be able to determine the next email marketing strategies in the future emails.

Email Marketing Automation

Obviously, GetResponse emphasizes the Email marketing software which is feasible for all business levels. In fact, a lot of individuals also make use of this feature.

The cornerstone of this automation lies within 3 aspects: Conditions, Actions, and Filters.

Conditions are related to the workflow. When a condition is met, the automation will conduct the appointed workflow. The conditions will be dependant on your settings. You can use a single or multiple conditions. So when a subscriber meets a specific condition, he or she will move along the path that you set purposely for them with a specific condition.

The action aspect justifies the utterance when a condition met. For instance, when a subscriber click join button (a condition), you will send them a gift item (an action).

Filters, on the other side, focus on the subscriber categories. The category becomes the object of the particular action. For instance, you could use Amount filter to give the first 500 subscribers a gift item (an action).

Pros of GetResponse - Online Email Marketing Software

Availability of Free trial

Equipped with Google Analytics integration

Third-party contact services like Google Account, etc

Quick, easy, and straightforward tracking tool

Easy setup

Unlimited messages


Cons of GetResponse - Online Email Marketing Software

No free plan

No phone support on weekends

Must pay extra for dedicated IP address


For Whom is GetResponse Email Marketing Software best suited ?

GetResponse is great for small to big scaled businesses. Since the day it was operated, it has been a great help for businesses from 100 contacts to 100,000 contacts. Keep in mind that GetResponse is one of the services that you could take if you have the contacts within that suggested number. For larger subscriber lists, you could consider checking GetResponse360.

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Introproz reviews products & services independently. We may get compensated for purchases made from links on our website. A purchase made via our affiliate/partner link or direct link does not make any difference as the price will be exactly the same on products and services. Read Full Disclosure

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