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Year after year we make resolutions about how we would like our body health to be. We set plans on how to reduce our body weights, how to become healthier and how to enroll in a new weight loss program. But do we ever achieve these goals? Different people’s deadlines are almost due yet they aren’t where they would like to be. They are yet to become “the better person” they envisioned themselves. Before you despair and give up, we are here to your rescue. We are going to show you some of the best diet and weight loss programs that could be life-changing.

Forget about the groups that advocate for the use of juice cleanses and banning of different food groups. The weight loss programs described here are designed to make you feel you are in charge of everything you do. Of course, there must be this one friend who swears that Taco Cleanse is the best way to go. And this other one who would do anything to have you eat just broccoli for a whole month. But before you begin blending 80 stalks of broccoli on a daily basis, you need to be sure that the diet you are enrolled on is supported by science and has been proven effective. That is because you wouldn’t want to try one that will only waste your time and give nothing substantial in return. The reality of the matter is that you will continue being bombarded with TV and Internet adverts on which programs to help you lose weight. Do not accept to be misled. Keenly evaluate each before making a decision.

The following are some of the best weight loss plans to get you back in shape.

Developed by weight loss guru, Brad Pilon, the Eat-Stop-Eat method is based on the notion of intermittent fasting which concentrates on your periods of eating instead of the types of food you eat.

Pilon has a vast background in the sports nutrition and supplement industry. According to him, brief, regular fasts are helpful at getting rid of excessive weights while at the same time keeping your muscles intact.

The Master's holder goes on to explain that such short fasts surpass the effectiveness of diets which get rid of certain foods altogether. As an added advantage, intermittent fasting reduces your risks to chronic illnesses. With Pilon’s plan, you would fast two times a week and you do not have to give up on some food groups.

How Eat stop eat works

The idea behind this program’s working is simple – for every 7 days, you set aside one or two days of fasting during which you completely break out of eating for 24 whole hours. For instance, you may decide to eat your normal way till 8 p.m. on Friday and then fast till 8 p.m. on Saturday after which you go back to your regular eating at that time. For people finding it hard to make it to 24 hours, Pilon advice that you can sustain fasting for anywhere between 20 to 24 hours. The days that follow this fasting should be accompanied with women consuming 2,000 calories per day and the men taking 2,500 calories daily. Once you have had a couple of fasting days, you could get back to a similar fasting schedule. Individuals who do so once a week create a calorie deficit of 10 percent.

During your day of fasting, the logic should be cut down calories intake as much as possible. You are advised to take only diet soda, plain water, coffee or tea. After breaking from fasting, feel free to eat anything you like but do so in moderation. Overeating would see you lose the benefits gained during the fasting days.

There are no set foods that you need to avoid during the non-fasting days, says Pilon. He adds that you would be on the better side if you took as many fruits as possible. Spices and vegetables are a great additive.

20 to 30 grams of proteins are recommended and these can be consumed at an interval of 4 to 5 hours, totaling to 100 grams per day. If necessary, protein powder can be used as a source for some of these.

Individuals on the Eat Stop Eat program need to take part in resistance training to make sure their muscle build is maintained. Exhaustive exercises would not be much of help here. You free not to exercise on the fasting days. However, consistency in your training schedule is highly encouraged, make it at least 3 to 4 times a week.  Read Eat stop eat by Brad Pilon Complete Review to learn more...

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Designed for people who would like to lose weight in an easy way and those who do not understand where their health issues emanate from, The Red Tea Detox is a perfect detoxification method.

Detoxification, or simply detox, is a process by which toxins are eliminated from the body. As we are all aware, we are ever facing toxins in our everyday life. There are so many ways in which our bodies take in this toxins, whether it’s the air we breathe in or the food we eat or general water pollution.

Detoxification is a completely natural process. The body has its own systems for carrying out this process and all you have to do is optimize it and also lower intake of toxins.

Even as you struggle with keeping tabs on toxins, remember there are the controllable and uncontrollable toxins. The controllable ones include those taken via food, water or your surroundings. To help your body to detoxify, you can limit your intake of such toxins.

Uncontrollable toxins include those which are beyond your reach. All you have to do is bear with them.

More on the Red Tea Detox

Having been created by an Amazon author, you would expect this program to have features that befit Liz Swann Miller, and indeed it does.

The Red Tea Detox dietary plan concentrates on using a special type of tea. The tea is normally red in color and originates from Africa.

There are a number of features included in the red tea detox plan package, namely:

  • The Red Tea Detox plan
  • Meal plan guide (14 days)
  • Exercise plan guide
  • Motivational booklet

You should not confuse the red tea detox with a commercial plan. It isn’t one. What you purchase is a recipe for a nominal plan. It is specifically a recipe and not the ingredients.

There are various benefits of red tea detox apart from just weight loss. Of course, its primary reason is to make you have manageable weight levels, but there is more to that.

According to Liz, you are able to lose as much as 14 pounds in 14 days but you shouldn’t limit the far you can go. It’s worth noting that the product does not categorically state that you all its partakers will get rid of 14 pounds in 14 days.

There are a number of factors which are responsible for weight loss. As such, the maximum pounds that an individual can lose is 14 pounds. The standard figure is much less than this. Only a few people are able to hit the milestone target for the red detox tea, and these are individuals who have given it their whole.

The tea also has the benefit of making you feel fuller. As such, you are less likely to feel hungry, triggering you to overeat. Weight loss could be said to be a product of this suppression on appetite and hunger.

Key Ingredients

The red tea detox does not provide much information on all of its ingredients. However, the main ingredient is aspalathin. This ingredient has been scientifically proven to hold various benefits like:

  • Reducing free radicals from the body
  • Boosting the body’s metabolic activities
  • Positive impact on one’s hormones
  • Increases the uptake of glucose in the body

One major merit about red tea detox is that you are provided with a 60-day money-back guarantee. That should speak volumes about Liz Swann Miller’s belief in her product. Read The Red Tea Detox by Liz Swann Miller Complete Review to learn more...

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Toned in Ten is one of the best weight loss plans geared towards helping you lose weight while spending 83% less of the average recommended time. Some experts may have told you that it is important to exercise at least 150 minutes (mild) or 75 minutes (vigorously) per week. The advice takes the tone that the more exercises you are engaged in, the higher are the benefits. If you have ever hit the gym, chances are you have partaken in the recommended exercise time thinking that you are benefiting your body.

However, Toned in Ten has a whole different suggestion. It recommends that all you need is 10 minutes of exercise per day. Erin promotes quality over quantity. She advocates for smarter exercises and these need to be done with short burst workouts to make your body burn more fats and improve metabolism.

How Toned in Ten works

With Toned in Ten, you are provided 10 minutes exercises on a daily basis. You are also sent pictures directing you on tips to get the most out of your workouts and properly master them.

There are some bonuses you receive including:

  • Videos to show you a step by step way to go about the workouts. The only thing that you will be doing is following along. Furthermore, you are given insights on the best way to properly modify each workout so that you can gain maximum benefit when you are not in a position to perform the whole exercises.
  • An accompanying nutrition guide to complement the weight loss programs. As much as this may not be a starvation program, you are required to make certain adjustments on your eating habits. However, your focus wouldn’t be on keeping check of the calories taken in or struggling with tasteless food.
  • Shopping lists to take away the common worry that you are purchasing the wrong products. Follow this shopping list as it guarantees the food you are purchasing is the best mix of your program and is good for your health.
  • In addition, Erin adds her personal secrets. They are anti-aging secrets that she uses on a daily basis. If you have ever seen her I bet you will want to have a glimpse of these secrets.

There are so many positives about this weight loss program. For starters, the physical results start to show within the shortest time possible, as little as three weeks. Even before that, a few weeks after starting the program will get you feeling energetic. The program is a perfect fit for everyone, whether beginner or pro, old or young, male or female. That’s because everyone wants to be healthy and look awesome no matter the age or gender. Also, the activities involved are not too hardtop follow along neither are they too simple to make you feel cheated.

You can customize the workouts if you have a desire for longer workout sessions. Read Toned in Ten by Erin Nielsen Complete Review to learn more..

Nate Miyaki came up with a diet system which helps you to lose weight quickly and at the same time allowing you to enjoy your carbs. This diet system he called it The Half Day Diet.

Even though the name makes this diet appear as though all you will be doing is eat for half a day, that’s not the case. The basics behind it are that you will slowly eliminate certain foods from half of your day. The eliminated foods are mainly rich in carbs.

The rationale of this diet is that there are some macronutrients that work effectively with the body at specific times of the day. Furthermore, the quantity of these macronutrients induced into the body affects one’s overall weight and ability to shed off excess weight.

With The Half Day Diet, you are guided on what to it, how much of it should you eat, and the time when it should be eaten so that the maximum fat loss can be realized at the moment and in the future. The only thing you have to do is abide by the step by step plan.

More on the diet

The Half Day Diet is classified into three different sections. Before we take a look at these sections, understand that the diet can work for anyone at any age. Somehow, Nate was able to figure out how to do that. All you have to do is select the diet which aligns your lifestyle and abides by its rules.

The three sections are as follows:

  • You begin by being taught the manner in which you can eat to shed off weight. This entails being taught the kinds of foods that you are supposed to eat and the times to do so. You are also taken through the exact times when you should eat carbohydrates, vitamins and The main intention here is that this section will help you take charge of your cravings, and ensure maximum fat burn.
  • Nate believes that there is no need for everyone being subjected to the same single diet. As a result, he creates a section where you can customize some parts of the diet. There are some principles of The Half Day Diet which can be tweaked around at this part on the basis of your likes, needs and
  • The final section guides you into figuring out how this diet can fit into your everyday life a month from now, and for many more years as it undergoes various modifications. One thing that Nate recognizes that as you continue losing weight, your biology undergoes modifications. Thus, more changes will have to be done to the diet so that it can work for you. This is what makes it one of the best diet plans.

With The Half Day Diet, you have the liberty to lose all the weight you want, comfortably fit in your clothes and enjoy the freedom of being in charge of what you eat as you continue cutting weight safely. Read The Half Day Diet by Nate Miyaki Complete Review learn more...


The best diet and weight loss programs are the ones which you can safely follow and have been proven to work out well. No one likes to waste a whole of his 7 days or 30 days or more on a weight loss plan that ends up being a disappointment. That is why we carefully picked every weight loss program that can be of great benefit to your weight issues. One thing you may have noticed is that the plans are by notable people in the industry with a huge reputation and have helped thousands of others overcome their troubles. We strongly encourage you to maintain high standards of discipline and follow the guidelines as instructed. You can do it because others have been exactly where you are and they did it!

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Introproz reviews products & services independently. We may get compensated for purchases made from links on our website. A purchase made via our affiliate/partner link or direct link does not make any difference as the price will be exactly the same on products and services. Read Full Disclosure

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