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There are many shopping sites in the world but a few of them top the list as the best and biggest of them all. They make the difference in quality service delivery, reliability, size and most of all, are legitimate websites. They come with the best deals, offer affordable prices and have wide coverage to reach the global market. If you’re planning on taking the online shopping advantage, here are 5 top shopping websites you can’t just ignore in your shopping.

Amazon Online Store

Amazon is a monster website for online shopping. Users of the e-commerce website span across the globe and are not limited to America alone.

Very many individuals shop on Amazon than you’ll find in any other shopping site. Most users describe it as the most reliable shopping site on the internet. Not many people are aware that Amazon is a cloud computing and electronic company that swiftly grew to become the biggest internet retailer all over the world. It is now valued at about $1trn, becoming the second highest valued public company not just in the US but all over the world behind Apple.

Growing from a humble beginning as a bookstore, Amazon now lists millions of diverse products on the website. Products such as software, furniture, electronics, toys, food, and many others are sold on the platform by the company directly. Independent retailers are also given the platform to sell to intending buyers. Amazon also stands as the biggest provider of cloud infrastructure.

The reason Amazon is one of the best online shopping sites can be attributed to its reliability and efficiency. It is customer focused rather than trying to outwit its competitors.

You can utilize different payment options such as Visa Discover, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club for your payment on the platform.

Customers are treated to amazing discounted products, daily deals, and gift card offerings on the website.
Buyers are also given protection on their purchases by providing them guaranteed protection on orders through its A-to-Z Guarantee for customers.

As a customer, you can add extra value to your purchases by going through a reward site for your purchase. This can be done by taking advantage of a cash-back offer provided by some reputable companies.

Aliexpress Online Store

Aliexpress is China’s online retail service company owned by Alibaba. You can refer to it as a type of eBay from China. The e-commerce platform brings together many independent sellers to sell their products to businesses and individuals. Unlike Amazon, Aliexpress doesn’t sell products directly to people. The sellers can be either companies or individuals.

Launched in 2010, it is a shopping platform that interfaces with small business in China and Singapore, among other locations with customers all over the world. Aliexpress is a great company with many quality products that are also very affordable. Yes, affordability is one of the selling points of this shopping site. If you’re looking for something cheap and still have good value for your money, this is the website that offers you all that.

You can find almost anything to buy on Aliexpress. This gives one of the reasons why it is the most visited e-commerce website in Russia, a 10th most visited in Brazil and loved by many others in other regions. Aliexpress has maintained its good reputation as a legitimate and reliable shopping site over the years. The owners of the platform have a major goal and that is to majorly target the international market such as the US, Spain, Russia, and Brazil.

The platform offers customers many payment options including Mastro, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Webmoney, Wire Transfer, QIWI, Western Union, Mercado Pago, Yandex, DOKU, Giropay and many more.

You can take advantage of the many discounted products, and flash deals. Buyer protection is also provided. Just like with Amazon, you can go through a cash back discount offer for your purchases. Since Aliexpress sells products through independent retailers, you should take some time to read feedbacks of previous purchases before your orders. This should be able to give you some insight about the performance of the seller before committing yourself to him.

eBay Online Store

eBay is another of America’s famous e-commerce website. Just like Amazon, eBay is a big online shopping company. The company started out as an auction platform and today it is an e-commerce website that works on a business-to-consumer (B2C) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) business models. This means independent sellers are connected with buyers on the platform. Individuals and companies can run their stores on the platform. A wide range of products is sold on eBay. You can put up your old gadgets for sale on eBay as a consumer to consumer type of sales. eBay is today the largest auction site in the world. The multibillion-dollar business has grown from being an auction-style website to include other buying options such as the “Buy It Now” approach.

Buyers have different payment options to choose from when making a purchase on eBay. This includes

  • Visa
  • Paypal
  • Discover
  • America Express
  • MasterCard

You can as well access the discounted products and the daily deals whenever you want to buy from the website. Buyer protection is also provided on the eBay platform. You are given the control to only release funds to the seller when the purchased items get to you in the condition it is offered for sale and ordered by you.

eBay also supports cash back discount offers to its customers when you use the supported website. eBay ranks as the biggest online store with locations in different countries of the world. It is another place where you need to be careful when placing your orders. Every seller is not the same. There are good ones and bad ones. You want to deal with only the good seller. Take time to go through reviews and note the seller’s rating to see if he is the right person you want to deal with.

DHgate Online Store

DHgate is another of China's popular e-commerce website. It is more of a wholesale website where retailers can have bulk purchases at very low prices. The aim of the website is for traders and especially Chinese wholesalers to sell at wholesale prices to mini-importers. They are allowed in some cases to make orders of even the smallest quantity. The traders on DHgate offer buyers the privilege of even buying only one quantity but that will come at a higher price compared to when you buy the same in large quantities. It is reported that many of the traders on the DHgate come from the United States.

The payment methods on the website include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • WebMoney
  • Giropay

You can also get offers of discounted products and flash deals on DHgate.

Buyer protection is also guaranteed. You can benefit from the cash back discount offer whenever you want to buy from the website.

If you’re a mini-importer, DHgate is the website that is designed purposely for you and you’re sure to find some of the cheapest products on offer on the website. You can still find the cheapest price for the product you’re looking to buy from DHgate if you can do some research by comparing prices before deciding to buy from a seller. This is the advantage you have by buying from an online store and you should make full use of it. Never be too much in a hurry to place your order, check to find the best deal on your product for a good buy.

GearBest Online Store

GearBest is an e-commerce website located in China. The company specializes in sales of consumer gadgets, electronics, and men’s fashion. They have a range of products in different categories. They sell a ton of gadgets and you can find whatever you might be looking to buy from there when it comes to electronics. GearBest offers their customers many shipping options. They also give buyers the option of what warehouse to choose from when making their orders. This is to make things transparent. The company has expanded to offer better services with warehouses now located in Europe.

The payment options provided on the website to make your purchases include:

  • Elo
  • Diner Club
  • Paypal
  • Hypercard
  • Webmoney

You can take advantage of their discounted coupons, flash deals, and daily deals. You can also benefit from the loyal system provided to reward their customers. You can as well enjoy a cash back discount when you go through the specified routes.

The website above tops the five biggest online shopping websites. Many users are comfortable using them to make purchases. One thing is common about them all. There are discounted offers and cash back reward system ( eg: Ebates ) for customers to enjoy. Your choice of one of the above can be based on what your preferences are or on the specific features of each.

If you’re going for bulk purchases or you’re a mini-importer, DHgate will serve that purpose well. For reliability, think in the direction of Amazon and if auction sales appeals to you, eBay is the best in that line. GearBest is more electronic-inclined for people seeking to buy electronic gadgets.

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Introproz reviews products & services independently. We may get compensated for purchases made from links on our website. A purchase made via our affiliate/partner link or direct link does not make any difference as the price will be exactly the same on products and services. Read Full Disclosure

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